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Logo Design

The most Important thing for a company is the face out that your customer´s will see. The logo is the face out that´s making people remember your brand when they need your service. There are different types of logos out on the market, abstract Logos, Mascot Logos, Combination Logos, Emblem Logos, Lettermark Logos, Pictorial Logos and Wordmark Logos. So knowing what type of logo you are looking for is a BIG helper.

Fonts are also one of the things that´s nice to know what you want. Serif or Sans Serif? Extreme fonts? Make sure to look around and tell me when we´re doing the brief for your project. Colors are also something that I want to know, and if you dont know right now? Give me some info on what colors you like at least, otherwise I´m just going to use a color that I think is matching your brand.

How Much Does a Logo Cost?

Buying a logo is like buying a car, without any information on what type of logo you want it´s impossible to say a price. It also depends on what budget you have and how much work there is. I can make you a personal logo or a redesign of your current logo if it´s a bit outdated. Contact me and we can start on your project!

Check out my Portfolio to see some of my logos that i´ve made. Remember that the logo is an investment and also a one time purchase!

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