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Business Card

Business Card is a great tool for marketing your company on events or meetings with clients. It´s a way for the clients to always carry you with them and it´s easy for them to just call or email you since they have all you contact info on the Business Card.

Now I want you to think, when did you last time save a Business Card that you recived from someone? Good! Now, why did you save it? Probably becuase you were intressted in the company from the start? Or maybe becuase it had a nice design and was a intressting Business Card that was wurth saving for later. You get the idea?

How Much Does a Business Card Cost?

The price of a Business Card can be both cheap and expensive. I can make you a simple design with just your logo and your contact information or I can make you a nice looking Business Card with a design that is matching your brand.

I can help you design your own personal and unique Business Card that people will find intressting and save for later. Contact me down below and we can start on your project!

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